Hui-Ting Chen, PhD, Associate Professor


● Teaching Courses
Undergraduate school:
1. General Chemistry
2. Organic Chemistry
3. Exploration of Career
4. Actives Delivery System

Graduate school:
1. Special Topics on Introduce the Fundamental Theory and Application of the Instrument in Medical Cosmetology
2. Special Topics on Introduce the Design and Evaluation of Cosmetics

● The Highest Education Degree
Ph. D. in Pharmacy School, National Taiwan University

● Personal Experie1
1. 2005/08-present Research Fellow, the Orthopedic Research Center , KMU
2. 2013/08-present Director, the Division of Student Extracurricular Activities, KMU
3. 2006/08-2013/2 Assistant professor, Department of Fragrance and Cosmetic Science, KMU
4. 2003/04-2005/07 PostDoctoral Fellow, Chemistry Department, Texas A&M University, USA
5. 2001/07-2003/03 PostDoctoral Fellow, Chemistry Department, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
6. 2000/09-2001/06 PostDoctoral Fellow, Department of Life Science, National Tsing Hua University
7. 2011/08-present Consultant, the Center of Academia-Industrial Cooperation Promotion, KMU
8. 2007/01-2010/12 Secretary-General, the Pharmacy College Alumni Association, KMU
9. 2009/01-present Director, the Liaison Division in KMU Alumni Association
10. 2008/08-2009/07, 2014/08-present Counselor, Career Development in Cosmetic

● E-mail

● TEL:07-3121101 ext.2803

● Research Area
Cosmetic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Drug Delivery system

● Recent Publications
Selected papers (2012~)
1. Wang, M.-C.; Shih, W.J.; Hungc, I-M.;* Chen, H.-T.;* Hon, M.-H.; Huang, H.- H. (2015). Crystalline size, microstructure and biocompatibility of hydroxyapatite nanopowders by hydrolysis of calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate (DCPD). Ceramics International, 41, (2), 2999–3008.
2. Wang, M.-C.; Shih, W.J.; Hungc, I-M.;* Chen, H.-T.;** Hon, M.-H.; Huang, H.- H. (2015). Characterization of calcium phosphate apatite with variable Ca/P ratios sintered at low temperature. . Ceramics International, 41, 1223–1233.
3. Chen, H.-T.; Wang, M.-C.; Chang, K.-M.; Wang, S.-H.; Shih, W.-J.; Li, W.-L. (2014). Phase Transformation and morphology of calcium phosphate prepared by electrochemical deposition process through alkali treatment and calcination. . Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, 45, 2260-2269.
4. Cheng, H.; Chen, H.-T.; Hsien, K.-C.; Lu, C.-Y.; Chen, P.-Y. (2014). New copper complexes incorporated with the one-step preparation of ionic liquid carbon paste electrode for highly selectively reducing hydrogen peroxide . Electrochem. Comm. , 40, 38–41.
5. Hsieh, K.-C.; Kao, C.-L.; Feng, C.-W.; Wen, Z.-H.; Chang, H.-F.; Chuang, S.-C.; Wang, G.-J.; Ho, M.-L.; Wu, S.-M.;*Chang, J.-K.;* Chen, H.-T.* (2014). A Novel Anabolic Agent: A Simvastatin Analogue without HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitory Activity. Org. Lett. , 16, 4376-4379. .
6. Lin PY, Hsieh CW, Kung ML, Chu LY, Huang HJ, Chen HT, Wu DC, Kuo CH, Hsieh SL, Hsieh S. (2014). Eco-friendly synthesis of shrimp egg-derived carbon dots for fluorescent bioimaging.. Journal of Biotechnology. , 189C, 114-119..
7. Zeng, C.-J.; Chen, C.-J.; Chang, C.-W.; Chen, H.-T.*; Chien, T.-C.* (2014). Copper(I) Iodide-Catalyzed Synthesis of N,N’-Disubstituted Guanidines from NSubstituted Cyanamides. . Australian Journal of Chemistry, 67, 1134–1137..
8. Chen, C.-H.; Kang, L.; Lin, R.-W.; Fu, Y.-C.; Lin, Y.-S.; Chang, K.-J.; Chen, H.- T.; Chen, C.-H.; Lin, S-Y.; Wang, G.-J.; Ho, M.-L. (2013). (-)-Epigallocatechin- 3-gallate (EGCG) improves bone microarchitecture in ovariectomized rats.. Menopause, 20, 687-694..
9. Cheng, C.; Shih, Y.-C.; Chen, H.-T.;* Chien, T.-C.* (2013). Regioselective arylation of uracil and 4-pyridone derivatives via copper(I) bromide mediated CH bond activation. . Tetrahedron, 69, 1387-1396. .
10. Huang, A. Y.; Tsai, C.-H.; Chen, H.-Y.; Chen, H.-T.; Lu, C.-Y.; Lin, Y.-T.; Kao, C.-L. (2013). Concise solid-phase synthesis of inverse poly(amidoamine) dendrons using AB2 building blocks. . Chemical Communications , 49, 5784- 5786..
11. Lee, M.-J.;# Chen, H.-T.;# Chuang, S.-C.; Chen, H.-W.; Ho, M.-L.; Fu, Y.-C.; Huang, C.-M.; Wang, G.-J.; Kang, L.; Chang, J.-K. (#The authors contributed equally.) (2013). Changing the fate of human adipose tissue-derived stem cells toward osteogenic differentiation through PPARγ silencing. . Journal of Cellulr and Molecular Medicine , 17, 1188-1193..
12. Patra; S.; Sun, X.; Chen, H.-T.; Enciso, A. E; Hsieh, J.-T.; Huang, A. Y.-T.; Kao, C.-L.; Kozura, B.; Simanek, E. E. (2013). Dendrimers terminated with dichlorotriazine groups provide a route to compositional diversity. . Organic Letters , 15, 3808-3811. .
13. Wang, M.-C.; Hon, M.-H.; Chen, H.-T.;* Yen, F.-L.; Hung, I-M.; Ko, H.-H.; Shih, W.-J.* (2013). Process parameters on the crystallization and morphology of hydroxyapatite powders prepared by a hydrolysis method. . Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 44, 3344-3352..
14. Yen, F.-L.; Shih, W.-J.; Hon, M.; Chen, H.-T.; Hung, I-M.; Ko, H.-H.; Wang, M.- C. (2013). Understanding the biocompatibility of sintered calcium phosphate with ratio of [Ca]/[P]= 1.50. . Journal of Nanomaterials, DOI:10.1155/2012/325605..
15. Chen, H.-T.; Chang, H.-F.; Ko, H.-H.; Hung, I-M.; Yen, F.-L.; Huang, H.-H.; Hon, M.-H.; Wang, M.-C.;* Shih, W.-J.* (2013). Effects of solute and surfactant addition on the crystallization and morphology of hydroxyapatite powders synthesized by hydrolysis of calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate (DCPD). . Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A 44, 1023-1033.
16. Horng-Huey Ko, Hui-Ting Chen, Feng-Ling Yen, Wan-Chen Lu, Chih-Wei Kuo and Moo-Chin Wang (2012, Jun). Preparation of TiO2 Nanocrystallite Powders Coated with 9 mol% ZnO for Cosmetic Applications in Sunscreens. Intern

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